Tim Stoney is a classically trained musician based in the UK. His passion for composing and performing music started when he picked up his first games console, the NES. As the technology and potential for more complex sounds in video game culture developed, to did his ambition to create music. During his later years of secondary school, he was introduced to digital audio workstations, which opened a whole new world of music for him to explore, however he was never truly satisfied with the sounds. In his first year of university, Tim was introduced properly to “sampled” and “virtual” instrument libraries. This soon became an obsession of his, constantly trying to improve the sound and believability of his works whilst also maintaining a healthy attitude to keep improving his composition techniques. A graduate of Surrey University with degrees in Creative Music Technology and Music Composition, he has become proficient at composing, arranging and orchestrating music with a personal interest in scoring for video games and films.

During his time in education, Tim has won a number of awards for his efforts in music including the AHRC Scholarship award to study MMus Music Composition and the Joyce Dixey Composition Competition 2013 (Surrey University). In his first year at university he was invited to join a group of musicians as a co-arranger to create a highly ambitious fan soundtrack; Twilight Symphony which boasted 3 1/2 hours of arranged music, based on the video game ‘The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess’. The album featured a full Hollywood choir which was recorded at Pianella Studios alongside vocal contractor and conductor Tim Davis (Happy Feet, Glee, American Idol) and sound engineer and remixer John Kurlander (The Aviator, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Hurt Locker). Additionally, a number of distinguished instrumental soloists were recorded to supplement the samples, and the album itself was showcased in the final issue of Nintendo Power. Tim’s passion for video games and music, and his contribution to the Twilight Symphony album led to opportunities to work with other leading industry professionals on the Video Games Live and Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses concert tours and albums.

Outside of writing and programming music, Tim also performs both on piano and trumpet. He enjoys regular physical activities (gym, mud-runs, sports), video games, performing in two local orchestras as first trumpet, and collecting field recordings. Tim is currently building up his network of contacts whilst pursuing a career within the music industry, and is working on a few projects which are yet to be announced. For more information, please check out the links to his social networking profiles.