I am Tim Stoney – Musician, Sound Designer, Human. I am passionate about creating music, especially within the media industries of which I have various credits, ranging from video games to film, and with many styles. What can I provide for you? My main strengths lie in creating mockups and composing music. Mockups are a necessary part of the creative process, especially when working on large scale projects. As someone with years of experience using sample libraries, I can create mockups that are personalized to fit the project you are working on, whether it be in preparation for a live recording, or just to hear your music realised!

I am always available for other services such as (but not limited to) composing, arranging, transcribing, orchestrating, music copying, providing mockup stems, and a little bit of sound design. So please, browse my site, and feel free to contact me. Thanks, I hope you enjoy!


Check out one of my tracks below and visit my audio page/SoundCloud for more!